A Foreign Object Stuck Between Your Teeth Might Need Professional Removal

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If you have a bad habit of chewing on pens and pencils, or biting your fingernails, a fragment can potentially break off. If the fragment becomes stuck between your teeth or in your gumline, it’s important to remain calm. Sometimes the pressure and discomfort caused by a situation like this can prompt individuals to act rashly.

Small pointed tools like toothpicks make poor choices for dislodging the item and should be avoided. Sometimes a vigorous rinse with lukewarm saltwater is can dislodge the item.

If you have a dental water flosser device on hand, it might also be able to extricate the offending item without need for direct physical intervention.

Gently working waxed dental floss around the item might help to remove it. The special coating on the dental floss can sometimes help the strand to glide easily between teeth and may help remove the fragment. If this does not work, or your teeth or gums have been damaged, you should call Dentists 'R Us for an emergency appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ali Nia. Our dentist can safely remove the item.

If you are in the Gilbert, Arizona, region and you have something stuck between your teeth or lodged in your gumline, you should 480-558-7500 to schedule an emergency appointment at Dentists 'R Us.