Dental Erosion Treatment Options

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One of the biggest contributors to dental erosion of the tooth enamel is acidic foods and drinks. Dental erosion treatment options often depend on how much damage has been done and how much damage continues to take place. Listed below are important facts regarding how to prevent dental erosion and acidity.

– Avoid abrasive materials that can make teeth extra sensitive. To prevent abrasion against your teeth when brushing, make sure to always use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
– Limit sugary products and sweets, as sugars are converted to harmful acids within your mouth.
– Limit your intake of substances that feature a low pH, as they are highly acidic.
– Limit snacking throughout the day, and instead stick to large meals only.
– Make use of saliva, which is your body’s natural defense against dental erosion, so make sure to sidestep substances or medications that can contribute to dry mouth disorder.
– Make sure harmful acids are effectively removed from your mouth after meals with washing methods such as chewing sugarless gum and using mouthwash.

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