Dental Sealant Composition

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The benefits of oral sealants are many, and they’ve worked wonders for multiple of our patients’ oral wellbeings. However, this hasn’t stopped multiple of our other patients from being uneasy about the materials utilized in dental sealants: namely, they’ve wondered if the BPA in oral sealants is harmful. Because we recognize that you may also have this same worry, we’ve set out to solve the question once and for all in this post. Is there BPA in oral sealants?

For the record, there is normally BPA in oral sealants. Before you dismiss oral sealants altogether, please know that the percentage of BPA in oral sealants comprises less than .001 percent of the total compounds in oral sealants. This means that there is nearly no BPA in oral sealants. By comparison, receipts are normally 2 percent comprised of BPA, meaning that there is more than 2000 times as much BPA in each bit of receipt that’s the same size as the oral sealant. There is also way more BPA in dust and makeup products than there is in dental sealants.

So to set the record straight once and for all, yes there is BPA in most dental sealants, but it is a ridiculously little amount. If you’re still troubled about the BPA in oral sealants but want to benefit from a healthier oral cavity, call 480-558-7500 now to talk to your oral staff.

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