Pink Discharge During Your Oral Hygiene Routine Can Be an Early Sign of Gum Disease

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If you are brushing or flossing your teeth and you find a little pink discharge in the sink, you should not dismiss it as a sign of an overly aggressive daily oral hygiene technique. Many times this is an early warning sign of a periodontal health problem.

This is often a symptom associated with gingivitis. It might also be accompanied by gums to look inflamed, bleed easily, and chronic bad breath.

With early diagnosis, gingivitis might be treated by a dental cleaning with Dr. Ali Nia Once this has removed all traces of tartar from your teeth and gum line, you can further prevent recurrence of gum disease with improvements to your daily oral hygiene regimen.

In many of these cases, improvements in flossing consistency and technique can also have a major benefit to preventing the recurrence of gingivitis. This includes thoroughly flossing between each of your teeth, flossing along the gumline, and making sure to clear away all bacterial deposits from behind each of your rear molars.

Dr. Ali Nia can also help you identify and understand any other necessary oral hygiene improvements.

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