The Effect of Dental Plaque on Your Oral Health

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High-quality dental products, including toothpaste and mouthwash, have the ability to combat plaque in your smile. If you are unfamiliar with the dangers of dental plaque and how it can affect your smile, we are pleased to provide further information on dental plaque to help you protect your teeth from its effects and resulting dental issues.

What is dental plaque?
After you eat food or drink something, do you notice a filmy substance on the surface of your teeth? This is dental plaque, which is a breeding ground for bacteria that affects the health of your teeth. Even healthy food contributes to plaque, which remains on the teeth until you clean it away with daily oral care. It’s important to brush your teeth twice a day or more to effectively remove plaque from your teeth.

What harm does plaque cause?
Plaque is full of bacteria that will affect your teeth until it’s removed, and if it isn’t cleared away after a while, it can turn into tartar, a hardened and bacteria-rich substance that only a professional dental cleaning can treat. Dental conditions such as gingivitis, advanced gum disease, and tooth decay can all result from tartar.

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