What You Need to Know About Dentures

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What have you heard of about false teeth? Do you understand what they’re made from or why they’re fashioned? Do you recognize how to care for them? To help you wrap your mind around false teeth, we’ve prepared the following information for you. We hope that you find it enlightening. If you have any further questions about false teeth, please give us a call.

In the past, false teeth were fashioned out of everything from wood to ivory. In some cases, dentures were actually fashioned from real human pearly whites. Today, dentures are made from a durable substance in a special process that helps them last much longer and work much better than false teeth of the past. If you’ve received false teeth, please take care of them by soaking them in a denture cleanser every night and rinsing them off with water in the morning. If your false teeth are not adjusting to your mouth well, this might be an indicator that your oral cavity has shifted; please phone us now if this is the case and we can set up you an appointment to have Dr. Ali Nia tweak the fit of your false teeth.

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